Our neighbor who is a neurologist is almost done with a gut renovation of his condo.  Andy and I recently went to see it and we stood inside the vaulted space which smelled crisp, like construction.  New walls were punctuated by hundred year old chestnut beams. Everything was coated in an imperceptible film of white dust. Brian, the neurologist, explained how he thought of his place like a human body: its frame was a skeleton, electrical wires its nerves, drywall its skin.

Our house will have all of these parts, too.  But because it is a free-standing house and not a condo, it also has feet.  Well, technically not feet but footing, the base on which the foundation rests.  Being medically inclined I think of the footing, and the foundation too, as our house’s feet.  And as of this week our house has them.  Like bones that have to set, the currently wet concrete foundation is covered by big wood forms, a cast of sorts.

I can tell you now, that one reason the idea of a blog was so appealing to me is that I really like buildings.  Architecture was never in my future because I am an undisciplined drawer.  I still like to look at buildings, though, and I’ve recently learned that I like to photograph them, too.  If you keep reading Ginger Mouse, you will have to humor me on this… (And if you still want to keep reading I encourage you to subscribe to the blog at the very bottom of the page.)