It’s hard to believe, but we’re moving into the new house in three days.  Our first meeting with the builder, when Doug said “I can do that,” was on March 5th 2010.  We hemmed and hawed for a while, thinking about whether we really wanted a project of this magnitude.  But now, almost exactly one year later our project will become our new life. The house is by no means complete: the exterior is half primed, and not at all painted, we have no paved driveway, no grass, trees, or walkway yet.  On the inside, we’re still waiting for our famed local stone counters in the kitchen.

Still, it’s hard to believe.

The sunny, open spaces that we wanted will become actual rooms with histories.  The upstairs front bedroom will soon be the twins’ room.  And our geothermal system will be chugging away keeping us comfortable through it all.  Is it strange, though, that despite all of those romantic notions, what I am really looking forward to is our walk-in closet and having our own (yes, high-efficiency) washing machine?

Despite the big move, Gingermouse isn’t going away- there’s so much more to write about. I’ll just be seeing you all from the other side.

Insert dining table here

Before we really knew what snow was

Doorknob-less doors