It seems to be a fitting time to revive Ginger Mouse. Almost to the day seven years ago I wrote the post Counterpoints, and waxed romantically about the geologic record contained in our soon-to-be stone countertops and the scores of pie crusts and chapatis to be rolled on them.  Well, today is Thanksgiving and I made a few pies to celebrate.  Here is how it actually went:

Day 1

Me: I’m going to make two pies and a vegetarian entree to bring to your family’s Thanksgiving.

Andy (Incredulously): Are you sure you have time for that?

Me (Assumes super doctor-mom persona): Totally.  That’s nothing!  I already wrote out a schedule so I can do a little bit each day.

Andy (Looking at list artfully written on nice paper with a nice pen): Oh, okay!

Day 2

Me (Searching for stone counter slabs under the reams of first grade worksheets, drawings, junk mail, and assorted odds and ends): Here’s a free square foot! If I move all of the papers on this side of the counter to the other side I may even get two square feet!

Me (mixing pie crust while on a work call in the midst of my “day off”): CRASH! BANG!  Argh, I just spilled flour all over the floor! I hope no one at work heard that!

Me (finally off the phone): AHHHHH, I love how flour feels so velvety and then completely transforms when I mix in the butter…I could do this forever- OMG I’m late to pick up the girls at school!

Day 3

Me: Oooh, pretty apples.  Pretty sparkly apples which will become pretty, sparkly pie.  I love pie.



Pretty, sparkly apples

Day 4

Me (Wednesday, no school, working an evening shift): Okay, girls, I’m going to be cooking, so I’m still here but I’ll need you to play independently for a bit while Daddy’s at work.

Me, the girls (A few hours of sheer mayhem): …


Veggies are pretty too

Me (Pie number one baked, revised less-complicated but still labor intensive entree mostly complete, children have been replaced by wild animals): Well, I’ve put in a day’s work.  Time to get ready for my actual work shift!

Day 5, Thanksgiving

Me (Groaning after a late night at work and ridiculously few hours of sleep, running to-do list in head, super doctor-mom persona completely deflated): UGGGGHHH

Me (Rolling out one more pie crust with furrowed brow): Who invented this idea of Thanksgiving anyway??!!


Even the earth isn’t uniformly round so it’s okay that my pie crust looks like this

Family (High tension, constant bickering): …

Me: I really need to go running now. I think you all will thank me for doing it.

Me (Outside): I cannot resist running in a sunny field! Ahhh, everything is so beautiful today. I feel so much better.


Me: Okay! Everything is done! It’s a beautiful day! Look at this food that we’re going to eat! I love cooking! Family, we have so much to be thankful for!


We have to drive how many miles before we eat this?!

Family: Sighs with relief that Mama is herself again. Gathers around the table to eat pie-crust cookies.  Smiles all around.


Spirals and circles

So, everyone, amidst the chaos of food and family I hope you all had even just a moment to shed your personal equivalent of a super doctor-mom persona, take a deep breath, and run through a sunny field.  If not, tomorrow is a good day to try it out. Happy Thanksgiving.