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I recently returned from a conference in Georgia, about 30 miles outside of Atlanta, and it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be.  I was expecting a flat, brown suburban landscape bisected by packed superhighways.  And there was a little of that but to my surprise as we drove south from the airport long rolling hills rippled out of the lush trees. Georgia was, in a word, pretty!  Most of my time at this conference was indoors, breathing cool, dry, controlled air.  The day before I left, though, I was able to get out, walk and even run.

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Our neighbor who is a neurologist is almost done with a gut renovation of his condo.  Andy and I recently went to see it and we stood inside the vaulted space which smelled crisp, like construction.  New walls were punctuated by hundred year old chestnut beams. Everything was coated in an imperceptible film of white dust. Brian, the neurologist, explained how he thought of his place like a human body: its frame was a skeleton, electrical wires its nerves, drywall its skin.

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It’s officially official!

Andy and I are taking the plunge and building a house!   Yes, after living in five places over seven years, we’re finally ditching our nomadic lifestyle.  As of right now all we have to show for this commitment are some stakes in the ground and a mortgage.  Over the course of the next six months though, this nebulous piece of land will grow into an actual home.  We’ll be blogging its construction here (thanks for the idea Matt W!).

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